iWater I Phone Holder Bottle

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iWater I Phone Holder Bottle
  • STAY PERFECTLY HYDRATED ON THE GO! It is a LEAK PROOF, COMPACT, DURABLE travel water bottle with lid, for 1000+1 purposes! Use it as your gym water bottle, fitness bottle, travel water bottle to stay hydrated while hiking, running or traveling!
  • BEST OUTDOOR WATER BOTTLE! Quality-crafted from FOOD GRADE materials, it is a BPA -free, phthalate -free water bottle. A HEAVY-DUTY electronic water bottle with a TRANSPARENT colored inner container for easy checking of the water amount!
  • A MULTIPURPOSE WATER BOTTLE! This water bottle will not only help you stay hydrated! Explore its MULTIPURPOSE nature using it as a PHONE HOLDER for your device or to SNAP your stunning SHOTS at the sports game, picnic or on your trips!
  • A STUNNING GIFTING IDEA! Is your best friend’s birthday around the corner and you are on the lookout for an original gift? Offer them this premium outdoor water bottle to help them stay FRESH in the company of their favorite music! Show off your taste!