iWoter 1.0 Phone Holder Bottle

iWoter 1.0 Phone Holder Bottle Navy
  • STAY PERFECTLY HYDRATED ON THE GO! It is a LEAK PROOF, COMPACT, DURABLE travel water bottle with lid, for 1000+1 purposes! Use it as your gym water bottle, fitness bottle, travel water bottle to stay hydrated while hiking, running or traveling!
  • BEST OUTDOOR WATER BOTTLE! Quality-crafted from FOOD GRADE materials, it is a BPA -free, phthalate -free water bottle. A HEAVY-DUTY electronic water bottle with a TRANSPARENT colored inner container for easy checking of the water amount!
  • A MULTIPURPOSE WATER BOTTLE! This water bottle will not only help you stay hydrated! Explore its MULTIPURPOSE nature using it as a PHONE HOLDER for your device or to SNAP your stunning SHOTS at the sports game, picnic or on your trips!








  • $7.99