Simple HH Holiday Season 4 Piece Baby Grooming Kit Newborn Healthcare

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Embedded arc clipper perfect for infant's tiny hand

1. Guardrail design protects children from nail crumbs.

2. The handy hole for easy carry.

3-in-1 thermometer with the protective case;

Provides a quick and highly accurate reading of your baby's body temperature.

Super Absorbent Drool Bibs;

Protect & keep your drooling/teething baby dry from all dribble and spit ups. 

No more wet clothes! The front is 100% soft organic cotton / Back is polyester fleece for absorbency

Purple Baby Banana Infant Toothbrush

This ‘a-peel-ing’ toothbrush gently massages little teeth and gums with soft silicone bristles, which helps develop good oral hygiene habits early. It has easy-to-grasp banana peel handles and is made of 100% flexible silicone to prevent mouth injuries.