Smart Speaker Camo Backpack

This Smart Speaker Camo Backpack is engineered with a smart speaker audio system powered by Bluetooth. Simply connect your device with the speaker and wait for the blue ring to light up, then you are all set to start your adventure with the music you want!
  • The battery will last 2-3 hours with the lighting ring and 4-5hours without the lighting ring
  • Lightweight, Removable Speakers: Weighs less than 2lbs and has a removable 3-watt speaker with compelling design in a leading technology backpack.
  • Easy connect with your iPhone / Android: The backpack + wireless speakers combine to deliver a powerful, full-bodied sound that lasts for 3+ hours. Works with iPhone and Android devices seamlessly while you're on the go.
  • Bring It Everywhere: Good for the beach, picnics, camping, parties, raves, festivals or school.
  • $30.99